Find a Jetts

With over 180 gyms nationwide, we make it easy to find a Jetts gym near you.

Find a Jetts

With over 180 gyms nationwide, we make it easy to find a Jetts gym near you.


Our mission is to get the most amount of members in the best shape of their lives in the least amount of time, done the Jetts way. So we’ve designed our gyms with our members in mind, featuring the latest state of the art fitness equipment and dedicated training zones for people like you who want to get results fast. Whether you prefer to train on your own, need that extra motivation or love HIIT training, we’ve got your back with a range of products and services to suit everyone's training needs.

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Unlimited HIIT Team TrainingJ Series

Expect to see real results, fast with our 30 minute HIIT team training sessions. Technology led with the support of motivating coaches, the fresh cardio, strength and fusion workouts each day will push your fitness to the next level!

Personal Training & Exercise PhysiologySupport and motivation

Our Personal Trainers and Exercise Physiologists won’t hold back on giving you every piece of information that can make your body look, feel and perform better both in and out of the gym.

Fitness ChallengesLearn healthy habits

Reach your health and fitness goals with one of our awesome challenges! From national 6 week transformation challenges, to in gym team and individual battles designed to test strength and cardio ability, you'll be sure to see and feel the benefits when you take on a Jetts challenge!

Member Transformation

Jetts Australia

Member Transformation

Tom’s massive 12-month transformation is why we do what we do!

Tom used to weigh 150kg and had a hard time with the excess body weight while playing soccer, until one day he decided to have a sit down in the gym and figure out what he could do for his physical and mental health. Tom committed to a minimum of 3 J Series HIIT sessions per week along with a weight training program, while at the same time battling his diet. It was the little changes over time that have lead to him now weighing in under 90kgs, down 62kg+! He’s back playing and (most importantly) enjoying soccer like he should and living his best life, the true definition of a success story on all levels.


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