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Jetts Victoria Point PIA

Paid in Advance Membership Enquiry

It is with regret that we tell you that the decision has been made to close Jetts Victoria Point gym, as a consequence of this Jetts will close the gym at 1.00pm on the 15th December 2015.

This decision, which has not been made lightly, will have an impact on your membership and was only made due to exonerating cirrcumstances that were unavoidable. 

As a member of Jetts Victoria Point you will have full access to the gym until 1.00pm on the 15th of December 2015; after which point your membership will be deactivated. 

A refund will be issued for your membership period that is remaining. In order for us to process the refund, please reply to this email and confirm the following information:

Refund By Bank Account or EFT

[Name of Branch] 


[Account Number] 

[Name on Account] 


Refund by Cheque


[Mailing Address] 

Your refund will then be processed within 5 working days of receiving the above information. 

Alternatively, keep your health and fitness journey going by putting the balance of your paid in advance membership towards a new Jetts membership. Plus, when you rejoin any of our Jetts gyms you won't pay the joining fee or card fee (save $148).  To do this simply tell us by email which Jetts club you wish to rejoin and we will transfer the balance of your membership to that gym. The closest gym to Victoria Point is Jetts Redland Bay.

If you have questions in relation to this or your membership, please don’t hesitate to contact us via [email protected].



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