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What is J Series?

Think fun, explosive HIIT team training, pumping music, motivating Coaches and you have J Series!

Designed to burn fat and get fast results, J Series is a combination of HIIT style cardio, strength and fusion training sessions. In just 30 minutes, you will experience a full body workout as you move through 6 stations.

Enjoy state of the art digital screens and our world class Coaches to keep your energy and motivation levels high.

The sessions are intense but the results will be worth it!

If you would like to view your club's J Series timetable click here

What to expect?

30 minute workouts

Burn fat and get fast results

Fun and motivating Coaches

Extensive timetable with morning and evening sessions

Open circuit style workouts supported by digital screens with timers and demonstrations

Keep burning calories post workout

Increase metabolism

Programmed by experts with updated content every 12 weeks

Suits every fitness level!

Monday: HUSTLIN'

Kickstart your week with this upbeat cardio workout that's guaranteed to get everybody hustlin'. HIIT the ground running with a cardio burn that will test your limits as the time drops and the intensity rises.


Prepare for a strength building storm front! There's no turning back with this mix of isolation and functional resistance exercises. You'll be left ‘shaking at the knees', but the multiple timing and intensity of Thunderstruck will build strong lean muscle that will make it all worth it.


This is the new age of Radioactive TABATA! Push your individual max effort over repeated short bursts of intense activity. Treating each effort like it is the only effort will leave you gassed but feeling exhilarated. It's all systems go!


Drop the hammer down on this challenging strength focused workout. Build overall power, strength and lean muscle as you nail the dynamic lifts and power moves.


This session will turn your body into a calorie and fat burning machine. There's a 'set goin' strong' with explosive power, speed and agility through plyometric and functional movement. Stay ahead of the game. Be Superfly!


Secure your place in Sandstorm, one of our most popular cardio and strength workouts. This whirlwind session is designed to push your cardiovascular reserves and strength limits to the max, so that you get a total body burn in time for the weekend.

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The new J Series is awesome. Perfect for any fitness level. Encouraging coaches who love what they do. A fantastic atmosphere to do a work out or take a J Series session.

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