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Membership Hold Policy


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What’s this all about?

Jetts Membership Hold Policy let’s you know;

  • Who can put their membership on hold (and who can’t!)

  • How long can your membership be placed on hold

  • How you can place your membership on hold

  • When can’t you place your membership on hold


  1. Membership holds are available for…

    1. All Freedom (direct debit) and 12 month Advance (paid in advance) memberships can be placed on hold (as long as no fees are outstanding)

    2. A paid in advance membership for less than 12 months does not have the option to be placed on hold

  2. For how long?

    1. You can place your membership on hold for a minimum of 7 days per hold period and a maximum of 8 weeks (56 days) for a 12 month period. You can place your membership on hold for any number of days (minimum of 7 and up to 56 days)

  3. How do you do it?

    1. To place your membership on hold, it’s as easy as completing a Membership Hold Form

    2. If you just can’t get into a Club during staffed hours to complete a Membership Hold Form, a form can be emailed to the member. This form will need to be completed, scanned and emailed back. Otherwise an email stating the start and finish dates can be sent directly to the Club

    3. Written notice must be provided by 5pm the day prior to the hold period requested

    4. A membership is not to be back dated

  4. Club requirements

    1. Once we’ve received your Membership Hold Form, the Club Manager will action the hold within one business day of receiving the hold request

    2. You will receive an email confirmation of your Membership Hold within 2 business days of receiving the Membership Hold Form, detailing the date that the hold will automatically be removed

  5. Sorry…

    1. If you have any outstanding fees, your membership is a paid in advance for less than 12 month or you can’t provide written notification either with a Membership Hold Form, email or letter or you have already placed your membership on hold for 8 weeks in the membership year

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