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Complaint Handling Policy


Policy: Complaint Handling Policy

Version: P115V1.240314

What’s this all about?

Jetts Complaint Handling Policy let’s you know;

  • That we appreciate and welcome complaints (we prefer to call it feedback!). We’ll try our very best to  resolve a complaint quickly and easily and use it to help to improve
  • We can keep a secret
  • How you can make a complaint
  • How we process, recorded and track a complaint
  • What to do it your still not happy


1.     Thanks!

1.1.  Hey, thanks for taking the time to read through our policy. You’re feedback might help us improve what we do for all our members!    

2.     Let’s chat!

2.1.  Maybe we can resolve the issue straight away? Why not pop into your home club and chat with your Club Manager. After all, they are there to help you!

3.     Confidentially speaking

3.1.  Whenever possible, your details will only be known by those directly concerned with your issue. We want to make you feel as comfortable as possible in giving us feedback

4.     How can you make a complaint at a club

4.1.  It’s easy! Just send an email to you home club (have a look on our website, under ‘Find a Club’ if you’re not sure what the email address is It will be the location followed by

4.2.  In the email, remember to confirm the following points, so we can make things right;

4.2.1.     Your name, your home club, your email address and best contact number

4.2.2.     What happened - the date, was anyone involved and a detailed description

4.2.3.     Do you want/need this fixed? If yes, what would you suggest?

4.2.4.     Do you want a reply? If yes, how (email, phone call, meeting?)

5.     Here’s how we’ll look after your feedback

5.1.  Once it’s received, we’ll record it on our form (Club Complaint Handling Form) and send you a confirmation email (unless requested otherwise) within one working day

5.2.  Then we’ll access your situation and email you a response, hopefully containing details of how we can fix things, within three working days (if more time is needed to look into the matter, we’ll let you know!)

5.3.  Hopefully that all works out fine… but if not, we will move up the chain of command and find someone else who can help you. We will do all we can to resolve your complaint and record all we’ve done to do so

5.4.  Our club records will be closed once the issue has been resolved

6.     If you're still not satisfied

6.1.  If you feel your issue has not been resolved completely, you can also contact Jetts Head Office at [email protected]. Please provide the complaint details mentioned above in point 3.2.

6.2.  Head Office will send you a confirmation email, access your situation and then hand it over to the best person to resolve it

6.3.  The ‘best person’ will have a look at the situation and email you a response, within three working days (if more time is needed to look into the matter, we’ll let you know again!)

6.4.  Our head office records will be closed once the issue has been resolved

6.5.  If (in the very unlikely event!) we still can’t resolve your complaint, please feel free to contact your state governing body

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