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Club Rules


We don't have many restrictions, but we do take health and safety seriously. It is a condition of your membership that you understand and abide by the following club rules:

  • Towels to be used on all resistance machines and floor mats.
  • Weights to be replaced after use, including repositioning equipment in correct place if removed.
  • 20 kg plate weights to be replaced on bottom weight tree only.
  • Weight pins to be removed from all resistance machines after use.
  • Fit balls and stretch mats to be stored in correct location after use.
  • Water spillages either on the gym floor or in the bathroom are to be removed immediately.
  • Covered shoes to be worn at all times.
  • Equipment is to be shared if requested by another member.
  • Cleaning station is to be used to wipe over cardio equipment.
  • All personal belongings to be left in dedicated open lockers.
  • Under no circumstances are non-members to be let into the facility or brought in unauthorised during unstaffed hours.
  • In the event of a faulty machine please advise the Manager on duty or in the event the club is unstaffed please attach a “Out Of Shape” sign onto the machine in a clearly visible position.
  • Machines are not to be used when a “Out Of Shape" sign has been placed on the machine.
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