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7 Minute Workout - Mad Monday

Kick-start your Monday with this 7-minute workout designed to get you sweating!

What you’ll need: A rower set to moderate-high level and a step up box/platform.


Round 1:
(Complete the 3 below exercises one after another without rest, once all three are completed, take a quick rest and move on.)

Rower– 25 Strokes
Take big powerful strokes aiming for the furthest distance possible. As a guide, try and get as close to 10m per stroke as possible.

5 Push-Up Pyramid Burpees
Go down for one burpee and perform one push-up before completing the burpee. For your 2nd burpee perform 2 push-ups. Keep increasing the push-ups until you get to 5 on the 5th burpee.

Box Jumps – 10 Reps
Take care when performing box jumps and adjust the height to your ability.


Round 2:

  • Rower– 20 Strokes
  • 5 Push-Up Pyramid Burpees
  • Box Jumps – 10 Reps

Round 3:

  • Rower– 15 Strokes
  • 5 Push-Up Pyramid Burpees
  • Box Jumps – 10 Reps

Be sure to check out the stretch poster in club for a cool down stretch once completing your 7-minute workout!

This workout was provided by Personal Trainer, Josh Every. 

Get in touch with him here! 
E: [email protected]

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