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Top Sweat Building Gym Songs

Working up a sweat is a lot more fun when accompanied by great music. But before you plug in your earphones, you need the perfect playlist to get you moving.

When choosing songs for your workout, it's important to consider what kind of exercise you're about to do. Make sure your music gets you in the right groove by following this Beats Per Minute (bpm) guide:

60 to 125bpm – Stretching, walking, warming up

125 to 160bpm – Jogging, spinning, boxing

160bpm and above – running, jumping rope, higher intensity exercises


Check out the following playlists to find the right soundtrack to your next workout:




I've Got The Power

Punchy power ballads for pumping it up.


Jog On

Jogging jives to help you reach the skies.


So plug one of our three playlists into your music device and work up a sweat at your local Jetts 24/7 gym today!

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