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Erakor Village Vanuatu Appeal

  Erakor Village Vanuatu Appeal

Erakor Village, Vanuatu?

Erakor Village Vanuatu Appeal is Jetts very own charitable appeal to fundraise for the rebuild of Erakor Bilingual School which was devastated in the March 2015 Cyclone Pam which hit Vanuatu.

Since the cyclone, aid has been flowing into Vanuatu and while the government are doing an excellent job in distributing this aid, they have advised the smaller villages and communities that there is not sufficient funding to rebuild smaller villages, including Erakor. Jetts will be fundraising for this cause over the next few months with a target of $100,000 set to rebuild Erakor Bilingual School.  

Where is Erakor?

Erakor is a small village on the south of the island of Efate in Vanuatu. Vanuatu is a group of islands found in the Pacific Ocean and part of the Oceania family.

What happened there?

On the 13th of March 2015 tropical Cyclone Pam, a category 5 system, hit the islands of Vanuatu. The Island of Efate was hit hard by the cyclone and most of the island was devastated. Buildings in Erakor Village and the Erakor Bilingual School in particular were torn apart by the cyclone and have been unavailable for use since the cyclone.

What is the Erakor Village Vanuatu Appeal?

The Erakor Village Vanuatu Appeal was started by Jetts with the goal of raising $100,000 to rebuild the Erakor Bilingual School. The school and surrounding village were destroyed by the cyclone and the 550+ students that usually attend school at Erakor Bilingual School have been without proper schooling since the event.

What impact will the rebuild have on the Erakor community?

Rebuilding Erakor Bilingual School will not only allow the students to return to school and finish their education, but also return the school to its other functions. The school also operated as a community centre and was home to the village’s telecommunications. Getting the internet and telecommunications back up and running will benefit the community immensely.

Why should I donate?

Jetts is all about making a difference in the world and we would love you to be a part of this journey with us to make a huge change in the Erakor village help get the community back on its feet.

How can I donate?

Click here to visit our fundraising page.


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