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Erakor Village Vanuatu Appeal

  Erakor Village Vanuatu Appeal

Run with Elaine - Getting Started

Elaine Jobson, General Manager Jetts Australia, is running the Sydney Marathon this September for Erakor Village Vanuatu Appeal so let's get behind her and support this amazing cause to make a difference in the world!! Elaine will be posting blogs about her running tips and tricks over the next few weeks leading up to the marathon so stay tuned for more posts and read her interview below on why she is doing the marathon and the cause she is supporting! 

Elaine, we hear you are running the Sydney Marathon in September – what made you want to compete in this event? 

I love to run in marathons and I love to have that challenge with my training. I chose the Sydney marathon because I wanted to do an iconic Australian marathon because this is my new home.

Have you competed in the Sydney Marathon before? 

I have never taken part in the Sydney Marathon before however I have done a few marathons previously including the London Marathon which was a huge marathon in the UK and was a great experience. I also completed the Auckland Marathon when I first moved to Asia as I thought New Zealand would be a great place to visit and a marathon was a great excuse to go!

How are you preparing for the event e.g. training routine?

I am following quite an intense running training program called the McMillan Running Program which emails me my running program every day. So every day I just get up and do whatever is written down and this could be anything from a really short run, to a hill sprint or long run and I am generally running about 4-5 times per week. I like to mix it up – I either run outside or in my local Jetts.

What keeps you motivated to compete in such an event?

The thing that I really love about doing a marathon is that you have to do the training and having that goal at the end really helps to motivate you and keep you going as you know that you can’t rock up at the starting line without doing any preparation. When it’s tough and you really can’t be bothered doing the training, when you’re tired, it’s raining or if it’s dark outside, you really need that goal to get you out of bed and in the gym.

How do you find the time to train with such a busy schedule?

It is really tough to fit it in so I train early in the mornings. There is no chance for training later in the day so I usually train at 5am each morning. It’s tough to get it done but you just have to do it.

Are you fundraising for a cause with the marathon?

Yes I am fundraising for the Erakor Village Vanuatu Appeal. This is an appeal one of our team members at Jetts Support Office set up for Jetts to fundraise for the rebuild of Erakor Bilingual School that was devastated in Cyclone Pam which hit Vanuatu in March 2015. After the cyclone hit, we wanted to assist with rebuilding the school. My marathon was one of the opportunities to do some fundraising and it also gave me more motivation to get out of bed and go and do my training as I know there is a lot relying on me to complete the marathon successfully

How did you first become involved with the Erakor Village Vanuatu Appeal?

We chose to support Erakor because it was a story that is close to home. One of our team members in Support Office has friends and family based in Vanuatu who were affected by the cyclone. She was telling us how affected Erakor was and that the Government wasn’t going to be able to help rebuild the village as it is one of the smaller rural villages in the area. All of the Jetts Support Office heard the story and wanted to help straight away. These people lost everything and they aren’t going to have any additional funding to get them back on their feet so we really feel this is something we can help with. It started quite small so we did some fundraising at Support Office but we really wanted to help out a bit more so we decided to do something quite significant. Obviously building a school is going to cost a lot of money, however it is something we want to see through to the very end. 

Why is the Erakor Village Vanuatu Appeal important to you personally?

The difference with Erakor is that this is going to make a direct difference to people’s lives, and these are people’s lives that we have a connection with. We have someone working in our team who has friends that have lived there, so that’s the reason we decided to do it. Ultimately, Jetts is all about making a difference in people’s lives. We feel we are living and breathing that value by doing this. By doing this, we can actually see we’re making a difference in the world.

To donate to the Jetts Erakor Village Vanuatu appeal click here


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