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Erakor Village Vanuatu Appeal

  Erakor Village Vanuatu Appeal

Nerissa Rohan - where it all began

Nerissa Rohan is the Accounts Supervisor or the Jetts Finance Team and was the original reason why we created the Jetts Erakor Village Vanuatu Villlage Appeal. Watch her inspiring video and read her story below.



What is your connection to Vanuatu?

My good friends Amelia Takau and Scott Veivers both live here on the Sunshine Coast, but are from Erakor Village in Vanuatu and their families and friends are still in Erakor, including Amelia’s sister who is a student at Erakor Bilingual School.


How can people donate?

Anyone can donate by visiting the Erakor fundraising page.

How did you first become involved with the Erakor Village Vanuatu Appeal?

Initially straight after the cyclone hit I assisted in gathering supplies for the people of Vanuatu and worked with a company that sent shipping containers over the country with these supplies. Jetts Support Office also participated in some fundraising activity for Erakor village in the office which raised over $1000. The team at Support Office were very moved by the impact this money would help with the community and at Jetts we are all about making a difference in the world so when the team suggested setting a target for the network it was an opportunity for the Erakor Village Vanuatu Appeal to come to life and really gain some momentum and make a BIG difference!

Amelia’s sister is a student at Erakor Bilingual School along with approx. 550 kids and the school was closed, uninhabitable and unsafe after severe tropical Cyclone Pam hit on 13th March 2015. Since the cyclone, aid has been flowing into Vanuatu and while the government is doing an excellent job in distributing this aid, they have advised the smaller villages and communities that there is not sufficient funding or assistance to rebuild villages like Erakor, including the schools. The school is completely out of action and without this appeal, it is unlikely that the school will be rebuilt or repaired for some time.

When did Scott & Amelia move to Australia/or how often do you visit Vanuatu?

Scott grew up in Australia and travelled to Vanuatu frequently to visit family, spending most school holidays in Erakor village with his aunts, uncles and cousins. Amelia moved to Australia 12 months ago and is still going through applying for permanent resident status. Scott and Amelia visit Vanuatu several times each year. I visited Vanuatu and Erakor village for the first time at the end of June and it was phenomenal to see the community spirit and passion for the school.


Why is the appeal so important to you?

I am passionate about community work and helping others where I can. I am aware of the issue and so it’s important to me that I do something about it. Also through my connection with Scott and Amelia I can see the impact not having the school in the village is currently having on the students and families who are missing the opportunity for education.

What does it mean to you, to have Jetts on board to support this initiative?

I’m absolutely ecstatic that Jetts have jumped on board in such a major way to help. The fundraising target is large and to have the massive Jetts network working with me is very overwhelming in a good way.

When did you first join Jetts as a team member?

I started with Jetts early January 2015 and I came to Jetts specifically for the culture and Jetts values the company lives by.

What's your role at Jetts?

I’m the Accounts Supervisor for Jetts Company Clubs in the Finance Department at Support Office.

How much money are you hoping to raise through the Erakor appeal?

We are aiming for $100,000. This is a big target, but if we can achieve it the outcome for Erakor and the community will be very special. Why not go big or go home!


What will these funds mean to the Erakor village?

The school in Erakor has approx. 550 enrolled students, so the kids will be able to get back to school, after months of no schooling at such a critical time in their education and living in makeshift shelters in the aftermath of the cyclone.


What changes will it make to their community?

Rebuilding Erakor school will allow the 550+ students to go back to school and continue their education. The Erakor tribe is the second largest tribe in Vanuatu so there is a large amount of families affected by the school being closed. The school also operated as a community centre housing the village’s telecommunications and community hub so rebuilding the school and getting internet and telecommunications working again will benefit the whole village in so many ways.

How can people donate?

Anyone can donate by visiting the Erakor fundraising page.

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