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Warren White and Jill Bingham

Warren and Jill came on board as a Jetts Business Owners after wanting a new challenge and career path. For them, the most rewarding part has been creating a great culture within their clubs.




What do you love about the Jetts network?

We love the whole franchise system. With a network around you, you never feel alone. There are so many other business owners and club managers that you can talk to when you want to share an idea or perhaps ask for a little guidance. Jetts offer the most fantastic support that makes running a successful business a whole lot easier.

How does the Jetts model fit in with your lifestyle?

The Jetts model fits in great with our lifestyle! The clubs are staffed with a manager who oversees the clubs operations as well as personal trainers. It simply means from a lifestyle perspective we don’t need to be there all the time. It’s brilliant! 

What is the most rewarding part of being a Jetts Club Owner?

We love getting it right. Nothing is more rewarding to me than seeing the membership numbers grow and happy members. The club culture is a big one for us too. If you can get that culture right…WOW! The feeling in the club is awesome! 

How did you hear about Jetts? And what made you want to get involved in the business?

We heard about Jetts by word of mouth and felt it was something definitely worth investigating. A club had recently opened in our hometown so we went and checked it out. We liked what we saw and knew instantly it was worth taking the next step. We now have two clubs and we don’t think I’m going to stop there…

Jetts Conference 2013 Community Spirit Award Winners

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