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Chris Cambel

Chris Cambel joined the Jetts family in 2013 when he opened Jetts Oakleigh. 



What do you love about the Jetts network?

The Jetts network is an extremely positive and vibrant one thanks to the motivated people in the Jetts team. The culture of looking for constant improvement fits in with my personal and business values. They have highly ethical attitude towards business success. The support received from the Support Team has been exceptional.

How does the Jetts model fit in with your lifestyle?

After the club was set up I have been able to oversee the operation side of things remotely and keep in regular communication with my manager. I now spend about 5 -10 hours a week working on the business. This allows me to continue running my professional practice in the same way as I did before whilst earning passive income from my club.

I enjoy working out regularly myself so spending time at the club fits in very well with my schedule.

What is the most rewarding part of being a Jetts Business Owner?

Without a doubt it would be the fact that we make a difference to people's lives. It's most rewarding to see people achieve their goals and enjoy the benefits of good health and well being and coming up to me and my team thanking us for making their lives better.

What is your most memorable moment since being a Jetts Business Owner?

The day we opened our club. It gave the whole team and my family a great sense of pride and satisfaction when Jetts Oakleigh was born!

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