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Brent Woodhead

Brent Woodhead joined the Jetts family in 2011 when he opened Jetts Laurimar. Since then he's gone on to open another club, Jetts Greensborough.  




What do you love about the Jetts network?

The People - On coming across the Jetts model in 2008 with my previous job in insurance, we did our due diligence on all the 24/7 sector gyms at the time and signed on with Jetts due to the team at the National Support Office. Jetts, by far, had the most experienced team to get us started on our journey and since this time have built some strong relationships and friendships with likeminded people which will last a lifetime. It has been great to see in the last 5 years Brendon Levenson surround himself with intelligent/experienced people and build a very strong management team which I have no doubt, that we as a group, are the best 24/7 gym service in Australia.  

How does the Jetts model fit in with your lifestyle?

I have had the travel bug from a young age, so it works in rather well in having the flexibility to be able to take leave when convenient and get some cheap flights in off-peak. Also having the flexibility to be able to do a majority of the work remotely on your laptop, i.e on the beach in the Greek Islands.. which wasn’t a bad office for the day to be responding to emails! My business partner has a one year old, so it is great to see him spending valuable time with his family where most full time workers don’t have that flexibility with a normal 9-5 job. We both love fitness and having the ability to train in a positive environment and help to motivate others around us. 

What is the most rewarding part of being a Jetts Business Owner?

I’ll continue to harp on the people! Being involved in the business day to day, you witness people's lives change for the better and makes you feel good that you have contributed to their success! Also the people you meet day in day out, from all walks of life! 

What is your most memorable moment since being a Jetts Business Owner?

There are a few but I have narrowed it down to 2...Being awarded Business Owner of the Year 2012 at age 26 after being in the network for a year, and being involved in setting up the Victorian Regional Marketing Committee with a few of the business owners from Victoria in 2012. This has had some huge success and makes you feel very proud being involved with the Jetts Family. The biggest achievements I have been involved with in the Regional Marketing Committee is the Melbourne Victory Women's Soccer team and Jetts being Major Sponsors. The girls won the national title in the 2013/14 season and we are continuing our sponsorship in the 2014/15 season and expanding into soccer throughout Victoria on a wider scale to the grassroots of the sport. Also being major sponsor of the Mothers Day Classic and seeing the crowd in a sea of red and supporting a great cause.  I have always had the mindset of growing the brand as a whole, which in turn helps with the success of each individual club. 
Brent receiving the Business Owner of the Year award in 2012
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