Fitness Philosophy

Results Based Integrated Training

Exercise, nutrition and mind are the three key pillars of health that we use to ensure our members achieve long term sustainable results. With this in mind, we pay close attention to the products, services and facilities that we offer to enable a successful fitness result.

The body is a holistic, integrated system and our workouts need to be as adaptive as we are. Results based integrated training is exactly this. We want to get our members in the best shape of their lives in the fastest time but we also have their long term, fitness and well being front of mind. Our programs are evidence based and phased to encourage consistent progression and impactful outcome. This programming style helps to educate you as well as guide you through training. As the body doesn't work in isolation, results based integrated training opens our fitness potential by focusing on specific energy systems and their associated adaptations. In other words, everything has an intention, everything is programmed in context and everything is as enjoyable as it is effective.

We offer products and services to enhance your experience so that you're training is specifically designed to achieve your goals. One of these products is J Series, our HIIT Team Training designed to burn fat and get fast results. J Series is the perfect fitness formula with a combination of cardio, strength and fusion 30 minute high intensity workouts. With evidence based programming, pumping music, a motivating community and Rockstar Coaches to push you through until the end.

We are committed to providing additional resources that focus on the behaviours of the mind and nutritional guidelines so that you can implement a healthier lifestyle that is personalized to your needs. Through content provided during challenges, support on the Jetts App and in gym support from team members, you will experience a well rounded approach to fitness.

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Why Train With Us

We take your training seriously, so our gyms have been designed with our members in mind - from the layout with dedicated training zones consisting of cardio, strength and functional training area and stretching zones, to the state of the art fitness equipment. The overarching philosophy is to provide our members with a welcoming space to train where they will achieve fast results.

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