Personal Trainers and Exercise Physiologists

See how a PT or EP can help you achieve your fitness results!

Jetts Personal Trainers

Our personal trainers live in the real world. They understand the challenge of changing nutrition and exercise habits and will adapt their approach to meet you where you are at.

All Jetts personal trainers are experts in identifying and applying the right type of exercise for your body and lifestyle. They go beyond sets and reps. They will create your customised fitness program, integrate it into your life, then stand beside you every step of the way as you crush your goals.

PT Features:

  • Lifestyle optimisation

  • Results based and customised fitness programming

  • Integrated lifestyle support

  • Goal focused coaching

  • Tailored to your needs

  • Second to none accountability

  • All the motivation

What is an Exercise physiologist? 

They specialise in long term exercise programming and application, and are experts in prescribing fitness to work with your chronic health conditions. 

Our EP's can work with you to fix the pain in your lower back or help to rehabilitate your knee injury. They are also the people who won’t hold back on giving you every piece of information that can make your body look, feel and perform better both in and out of the gym.

EP Benefits:

  • Fitness for special populations

  • Long term fitness and health programming

  • Sports specific fitness programming

  • Assistance with integrating fitness into people with chronic health conditions

  • Pre / Postnatal fitness programming and guidance

  • Injury pre-habilitation and rehabilitation assistance

We know everyone is unique. We also know doing the same thing doesn’t work for everyone, so sit down with a personal trainer or exercise physiologist at your local Jetts and start achieving and feeling your personal best!

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