HIIT Fast Forward on your results with our fun 30-minute training sessions

HIIT Fast Forward On Your Results

Fill in your details below to train with your friend or family member with J Series At Home for one week + get access to Jetts At Home, until our gyms reopen, including recipes, recorded workouts, Live Stream Workouts and more!

What are J Series Live Stream Workouts?

Designed to burn fat and get fast results, J Series At Home is the perfect fitness formula. A combination of 30 minute high intensity live streamed exercises with evidence based programming, pumping music, a motivating community and ROCKSTAR coaches to push you through til the end.

We keep the content fresh with different cardio, strength and fusion workouts each day. The cardio sessions are programmed to build resilience, increase performance and incinerate fat cells while the strength sessions are designed to build lean mass and increase overall relative strength. We round out the week on a high with a fusion session on Saturdays.

J Series Live Stream Workouts are interactive, so they will help you to stay accountable with your training and maintain a good routine whilst at home, and allow you to connect with other members of the Jetts community.

The best thing? J Series At Home is for everyone. Young, not so young, experienced or not, our Coaches can make the workout fit any body and any fitness level.

What to expect?

  • 30 minute high intensity workouts

  • Efficient fat burning during AND after workouts

  • Effective strength building and muscle toning

  • Timers and demonstrations to assist with technique and workout flow

  • Motivating, friendly, funny, knowledgeable and passionate Coaches

  • Extensive timetable with morning and evening sessions

  • Capped sessions to ensure personalised coaching and support

  • Phased exercise programming to keep the results coming!

  • Keep burning calories post workout

  • Increase metabolism

  • Suits all fitness levels

  • Easy to use technology

Member Feedback

"I love the J Series live stream workouts. Your in and out in 30 minutes, you get to interact with other people from the gym, get live help from the coach if you need it and are pushed the same as if you were working out in the gym."

Kristy from Jetts Bli Bli

If you want to push your fitness limits, claim your free week of J Series Live Stream Workouts today!

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