Information for Direct Debit members

Your direct debit membership has been reduced to just $3.50 per week. This small amount will provide our Franchise Owners with enough funds to keep their heads above water and on top of their most critical financial needs. 

We understand that we are all in this together, so to say thank you for your support during this challenging time, below are some of the ways we’d like to reward you:

1) We’ll discount your membership to say thank you for your support once we’re reopen.

We would like to discount this same amount, $3.50 per week, from your membership once we are back up and running for the same duration we are closed.

2) As a Jetts member you can keep fit and healthy with Jetts At Home! Check your inbox for your login details or pop your details in the form below.

For less than the cost of a cup of coffee, you can keep active by enjoying all of our online products. We’re proud to be able to continue supporting you with home workouts through Jetts At Home. Led by Bart, our Training Gym Head Coach, Jetts At Home is a fantastic platform for workouts that you can do anywhere, plus you’ll receive training tips, nutritional advice and well being information that is sure to keep you fighting fit.  

3) Engage a Personal Trainer

We have an awesome bunch of Personal Trainers within Jetts who will be able to provide you with additional support while we are closed. Please touch base with your local Jetts gym if this is something you’re interested in. 

4) You are welcome to put your membership on an unlimited suspension at no cost!

We understand there has been a change in the services provided with your membership and this change is reflected in the significantly reduced membership fee. We trust you will enjoy the opportunity to continue your fitness journey with us by accessing a range of Jetts services. If you don't want to take advantage of this opportunity, you are more than welcome to place your membership on an unlimited suspension while we are closed at no cost. 

To action any of the above, including suspending your membership, simply complete the form below.

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