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Training and Support


Our mission at Jetts is to inspire people to live a better life and personal development for our people is a big part of this.

At Jetts you are never far away from another learning opportunity…


Our online platform that you can access from your IPAD Mini, PC or Smartphone. It is packed with learning opportunities, tests, tools and tips for running your club and developing yourself as a person.

Local Workshops

Our local workshops operate at a state level and operate every few month on topics like sales, local area marketing and leadership. They are interactive with role-play and go to the core of developing people’s skills.

BPM Meetings

Every gym has the support and leadership of an experienced Business Performance Manager (BPM). The BPM’s host manager meetings in small groups each month and where required are available one on one. The support we provide our gym and team is unrivalled in our industry.

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